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Welcome to life's answers. Knowledge is a powerful thing. Each and every day we learn about life through a vast range of life's experiences. In the past may cultures have handed this information down through the generations. Life's answers allows you to post your knowledge of life down to the next generation.

The answers posted here have been put forward by a range of people. Their mistakes, what they have learnt, what they did right and given a second chance what they would do differently.

Please note that the all of life's answers expressed in this website are experiences of its users. Are they right? That is up to you!

work life balance : life priorities

1 yourself

if you want your body to last 70+ years and be able to handle all other life's problems then you need it in its best shape and you need to take care of it. It should be no surprise that abusing your body with smoking, drugs, excess alcohol, junk food takes years of your life. go see a doctor regularly

Have piece of mind


Eat well, get sleep, exercise regularly, dream lots, laugh loud, maintain friendships.

2 your partner

If you have a marriage or a life partner then your second priority should be to them. You and your partner need to form a great team.

Watching a great team play is pleasure to watch. A great team is hard to beat. Its good fun to play in a great team. When the challengers of life are put to a great team the team has a better chance of over coming them. An unhealthy team can fall apart when one of life's challenges are put to it.

You can measure how good a team is by how well it plays and how it deals with the game of life

Note: a great team doesn't just happen. It trains regularly, it works together, it supports each others weakness. Do not assume that by being simply married you automatically form a winning team. Never assume for whatever reason that you don't have to work and perform in this relationship.

To keep a marriage healthy it needs : honest communication, generous support, a healthy sex life, dedicated time together, an equal relationship.

When a team stops winning it can fall apart. Resentment start to fester. Have sex: this distinguishes a good friendship from a marriage. Lack of sex can leave a partner resentful and eat away at the team.

Don't take for granted

3 family

: Children / relatives

4 home

5 work

6 friends

7 hoby